MAJLIS E AZA 8th October 2017 1.00pm – Moulana Syed Muntazir Abbas Naqvi

A majlis e aza to commemorate the shahadat of Imam Hussain and his companions will, inshallah, be held on Sunday 8th October 2017 (17th of Moharram) at Imambargah, Anjuman-e-Husainiyah Newcastle.
The programme will start exactly at 1.00pm with Namaz e Zuhrain and will be followed by recitations and lecture by Khatib e Ahlebait
Syed Muntazir Abbas Naqvi
who is visiting from Islamabad, Pakistan. All (ladies, gents and children) are humbly requested to join us in offering pursa to Bibi Fatima A.S.

Moulana has also kindly offered to hold an open question / answer session following the Majlis if community members are interested.   


Registered Charity in the UK # 1162229

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Community Circular: Moharram 1439 Hijri – Majalis programe


Ashra-e-Moharram Hijri 1439 – September/October 2017
Majalis will inshallah be organised by Anjuman-e-Husainiyah, Newcastle according to the following schedule:

Thursday 21st September till 3rd October 2017

Daily programme will InshaAllah start with Maghrib Jamat Salaat.

7.30 pm – Namaz-e-Maghribain (Ba-jamaat); please note that this time will be adjusted as per azaan timetable.
7.45 pm Souz-o-salam , Marsiya
8.15 pm English lecture – Dr Zafar Abbas
8.30 pm Urdu Lecture – Moulana Syed Raza Haider Rizvi , who is visiting from London, will Inshallah address the congregation. This will be followed by Noha/Matam and Ziarat.
9.45 pm Programme ends

Ashoura – the 10th of Moharram 1439 AH, (is likely to fall on Sunday 1st October but, confirmation will be issued after announcement by Majlis e Ulema e Shia Europe)

The programme for Ashoura will be as below:

11.00am – 01.00pm: Aamal-e-Ashoura
1.15pm – 01.45pm: Namaz-e-Zohrain
01.45pm – 03.45pm: Majlis asr e ashoor
03.45pm – 04.00pm: Ziarat Aakhir Rooz e Ashoor
04.00pm – 05.00pm: Faqa shikani (on behalf of the community it will be organised by anjuman-e-husainiyah)
06.45pm – 07.15pm: Namaj e Maghribain
07.15pm – 08.30pm: Majlis e sham a gharibaan

Request for donations
As you are well aware that Anjuman’s monthly collection, through membership fee, barely meets the costs of maintaining the imambargah. Organisation of the majalis is only made possible with your generous donations therefore, as per previous years, we would humbly request you to please donate, as much or as little as you can comfortably afford, so that the Anjuman can continue to organise majalis at your Imambargah in Newcastle. May we also draw your attention to encouraging more members of the community to join the membership of the Anjuman (forms for standing orders are available from the treasurer/finance committee) and become even more involved in the activities of your local Imambargah.



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Programmes during the month of Ramazan 1438AH (2017AD)

Salaam All,

As you all know that our Imambargah Anjumane Hussainyah is under construction so we are joining Towheed Centre for commemoration of Shahadat of Imam Ali A.S.

To commemorate the shahadat of Ameer ul Momineen, Hazrat Ali e Murtaza A.S. 3 majalis have been organised from 19th till 21st Ramazan (14/6/17 till 16/6/17) at the Towheed Centre, Cliftonville Bentinck Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 6UX.

Molana Anwar Jaffer who is currently a student at the Hoza e Ilmia Najaf e ashraf, will be addressing the majalis in English and he is the same speaker who visited us in last Ramadan, 2016. Details are as under.

Majalis e Aza : 14/6/17 (19 Ramazan) till 16/6/17 (21 Ramazan)

7.00 till 8:00 Recitation of Holy Quran
8.00 till 8:45pm Reciting related Duas and Munajats to the month of Ramadan
8.45 till 9:45pm Lecture by Molana Anwar Jaffer
9:45 till 10:00pm Noha/Matam
10.00 till 11:00pm Preparation for Namaz e Maghribaan / Jamaat Prayers
11:00 till 12:00am Duas and Munajats to the month of Ramadan
12:00 till 12:30am Lecture in Farsi and Quran on Head
12:30 till 1:00am Sahoor


Registered Charity in the UK # 1162229

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52A Wingrove Road
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear